About Us

Tasheel Legal Consultancy is a one of the best legal consultants in UAE, that seeks to simplify your all kind of problems and educate you about any violations that may arise. The company has been designed with an intention for betterment from within – this means they can help make life more peaceful as well! Our services also come at affordable prices so it won’t break your bank account either.”

You can’t defend yourself by arguing that you didn’t know it was illegal. You have a responsibility as an adult and citizen of this country to know the laws, even if not all of us are perfect enough memorize them or understand their nuances. The rule ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’ means that no one can defend their actions by pretending they were not aware of the law.

That’s right because under our legal system we’re expected to have some knowledge on what is going around us – you don’t want people making excuses for why they did something wrong later down the line do ya?! So go ahead take advantage now while time still exists where being caught will only land them with less punishment rather than more.

We try to make the law more accessible for you by building awareness and guiding people on how they can safeguard themselves from violations. This website provides all sorts of UAE laws, acts as an informative platform in dealing with legal matters within our country’s borders while providing solutions that will solve any problem faced no matter what it may be….

In our law firm, we have a team of experienced and licensed professionals who provide legal services pertaining to Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Labor, Family, Real Estate, Property, Mortgage & Tenancy laws including debt management. Most importantly though, at every stage during the process all of our clients receive personalized care which is why they turn towards us whenever there are matters relating not only their individual interests but those affecting many other people around them.

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We have the vision to provide clients with the highest level of legal advice and service. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from our response times as well as fees charged on each matter handled by us – which are always “no win/no fee” based. Our integrity is what will help keep you safe while still providing an affordable approach towards all your needs; no one should ever feel like they can’t afford quality legal counsel!


We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients. We have decades of experience and will be able assist you with any legal issues that arise in your corporation or individual life, whether it’s at home or abroad!

The knowledge we hold is only exceeded by how much care goes into each case before taking action so as to ensure success on every level– day-by-day accountability through firm dedication has made us one step closer towards achieving this goal