Committing Forgery and Its Consequences in UAE

Committing Forgery and Its Consequences in UAE

Forgery is a crime punishable in the national government. In many circumstances, once the people fail to provide adequate documents of their business or project, they may tend to forge their documents to meet the requirements. Forgery is a white-collar crime generally refers to the false making of a legal instrument with intent to defraud someone. It is committed when a person alters or makes writing with the intent to defraud. When a person alters, utters or makes such writing in such a way as to convey a false impression with respect to its authenticity with the purpose of deceiving someone is guilty of forgery. The UAE Penal code states forgery in Chapter 5, from Article 211 to Article 215 under Section 1 – Forgery and Counterfeiting of seals, mark and stamps.

False documents contradict with the law and the actual facts either substantially or materially as whole or in part with respect with its contents. A written instrument is changed in the purpose of altering the contents or facts illegally without having the legal authority is a violation of criminal law.

Forging an official written instrument will be sanctioned by imprisonment for a term of minimum 10 yeas and the penalty with respect to forging an informal document will be detention.

Using a false official written instrument will be 5 years imprisonment and also sanctions 5 years equally to the person who gets the benefit of forging the said document.

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