Consumer Protection

Know your rights- As a Consumer.

Consumer Protection is the practice of safeguarding buyers of goods and services, and the public, against unfair practices in the marketplace.

Consumer Law, Article 5 of Law No 24 of 2006, Consumer Protection law.

Reason for the Law:

This Consumer protection law is intended to prevent a business from engaging in fraud or specified unfair practices to gain an advantage over competitors or to mislead consumers.

  • To enable transparency in commercial transactions in which the consumer is an integral part.
  • To ensure the consumers’ confidence in the market and to create a fair relationship between consumers and business.
  • To serve or to deserve consumer rights and obligations.
  • To fight the monopoly, Overpricing and fraudulent commercial activities against the consumers.

As per The Federal Law No.24 of 2006 on Consumer Protection defines consumer’s rights and obligations and outlines certain protection measures to fight monopoly, overpricing and fraudulent commercial activities against consumers.

Consumers are granted the following rights:

  • The Right to Safety or protected: to be protected from products, production process and services that may cause harm to health and safety.
  • The Right to Know: to know the accurate information concerning the goods and services (ex: Origin of products, expiry date and ingredients of food items etc.)
  • The Right to Choose: to have multiple options of items and services at competitive prices and quality.
  • The Right to Representation: to express opinions to develop the goods, services, prices and availability.
  • The Right to be educated or Informed: to enquire knowledge and skill and awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities through continuous awareness programs.

Tips for Consumers when contracting or dealing.

  • The request offers from multiple suppliers to check or compare prices and other benefit or services.
  • Always use the companies or shops that have a good reputation in the market.
  • Protect your personal information and give it only to those you trust.
  • Always don’t hurry, read the contracts, conditions carefully which are written in small font, or do not allow anyone to act or sign in urgency, carefully go through or ready carefully before you act.
  • Request any clarifications that you wish to receive from the supplier’s with regards to the contract.
  • Carefully read the guarantees provided.
  • While paying to adhere to condition made in the contract.

Procedures that the Department takes upon receiving complaints?

  • The complaint is verified by the Consumer Protection Department and the complainant is then contacted to acquire further details when needed.
  • The commercial department will be contacted and informed of the complaint filed against along with its details according to what the complainant states.
  • The Department listens to commercial establishment’s statement and checks any proofs that it may submit in this regard.
  • The Department than contacts all parties to reach an amicable or legal agreement between them as per the requirements of the complaints and the consumer protection law.